Scandia Jack Bag

Custom made mainsail protection that slides into the groove on the boom.

"You'll wish you'd done this sooner"
Enables quick and easy covering  the sail without having to tie the sail down
Safe use by the skipper and crew
Remains in place when sailing
Easy to reef
Can be fitted without removing the sail
Can be removed without removing the sail
For loose footed sails
For attached foot sail
Lengthens the sail lifespan
Waterproof and breathable 
Wide range of colors


The cradle is a fully battened bag that works with lazy-jacks that opens automatically and holds the sail when it is doused or raised. Extra folds when the sail is reefed stay in the sail pack, removing the need to attach the excess canvas with sail ties. Battens included.

The top part that holds the sail head folds inside the cradle and the sail pack remains closed at the front with the lower quick-release fasteners. Includes openings for reefing lines.

Option: The zipper is sewn on the top of the bag. It opens at the head of the sail You need to be able to reach it with your hand. If the head of the sail is inaccessible, it will be easier for you to use the  sail pack