Custom Sails

Scandia Sail Loft makes mainsails, genoas, spinnakers, mizzens and storm sails for cruising, racing, and One Design vessels using only the best materials. Whether you require Dacron, Taffeta, titanium or re-enforced laminate our sailmakers can design and deliver a sail specific to your needs.

We stresses the importance of customer serviceā€”helping sailors select the right sail for their needs and then servicing them throughout their lifespan.

Our sailmakers and customers, share sail designs, construction details, racing experiences, boat information and more.  Since our loft is locally owned by sailors and sailmakers, they have a strong interest in helping local sailors regardless if they are sailing the waters of Green Bay, Lake Michigan or anywhere in the world. Service and knowledge is our strength. Click here to discuss which sail is right for you.

All Scandia Sails come with a 2 year warranty and a free check-up after your first season.